Land Clearing

If you have a property with a lot of land, it’s easy to let it get away from you and become a bit messy and unkempt – this is even the case if you don’t have a lot of land. After all, it’s a constant battle with nature, and life pressures make it difficult to find the time to sort out your outdoor spaces on a consistent and regular basis. At Huntington Tree Service Experts, we’re proud to provide a land clearing service that helps to get your property back into its optimal condition, and we know that you’re going to be delighted with the work that we do for you. Whether your property is in a severe condition, or you’re just looking for a seasonal cleanout, we’re ready to help. If you have any questions or queries regarding this service, our customer service team is available over the phone.


Save Yourself Time

We recognize that many people want to be able to manage their properties all on their own, and resent having to pay for professional services to do jobs that they feel are achievable – but there’s every reason to use our land clearing service. For one, it’s hard to find the time to take on land clearing activities yourself, given that you’re going to have to contend with work demands, family commitments, and social occasions. Additionally, it’s often a lot to handle on your own, and with our professional equipment and resources, we can clear the land that much more quickly. Save yourself lots of time and hassle by letting us clear your land for you.


Usable Land

A lot of time, when land has trees, bushes, stumps, and vegetation covering it, the land is no longer really in a usable condition. You can’t use it for recreational activities, and it’s not in a state where any kind of landscaping would be even be possible – a more substantial construction project is obviously out of the question too. By using our land clearing service, you’re going to get access to a clear, valuable piece of land that might be used for other activities or projects. This access could even raise the valuation of the property.


Pest Potential

It’s worth remembering that unkempt land isn’t just a visual blemish on your property, it’s a potential nesting site for a range of wild animals and pests. If you don’t want to be dealing with a pest infestation at your property, then it’s much more prudent to take preventative measures, rather than try to deal with it once they’ve arrived. Rodents and insects are the most common invaders, so take action now!


Fire Risks

Of course, another problem that could come about with an area of unkempt land is a fire. Although it’s not always likely, fires can occur when the land is dry and there’s plenty of kindling about. This has the potential to be catastrophic for you and your property, so it’s obviously better to act with caution.

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