Disease/Insect Treatments

At our company, we do everything we can to make sure all of the trees across the Huntington, New York area thrive and flourish. We love to see trees growing to reach their full potential, but that’s simply not going to be possible if they fall victim to tree diseases or insect infestations. A tree care service like ours can provide valuable expertise to stave off the effects of these malignant presences, and even eliminate them altogether. If you don’t use a professional tree care service like this, the likelihood is that, sooner or later, your tree will be unsalvageable – obviously, that’s the last thing that we want. For some further insights into our disease and insect treatments and services, just read on below. If you’d like to arrange a consultation, our customer service team is available either over the phone or online.


Assessing and Monitoring

It’s not always going to be apparent when your tree is suffering due to a disease or insect presence – and that’s particularly true for those without professional knowledge or experience. At our company, we have a number of arborists on the team who are experts at assessing and inspecting trees for these damaging presences. They can notice the signs of trouble and advise on action to take to get the situation resolved. Off-color leaves, deformed leaves, lots of deadwood, sticky and black residue – these are all signs of trouble. If you notice anything like this on one of your trees, it’s crucial that you reach out to us as quickly as possible.


Potential Risks

You might think that the presence of insects on your tree isn’t anything to worry about – it’s simply par for the course – but that’s not true. In fact, an insect infestation or a malignant disease could be the end of your tree if you’re not careful. They can damage the leaves on the tree, and prevent it from gaining the nutrients that it needs. It can also cause the trunk and branches to become weakened, and ultimately, unstable. The bottom line is that there’s a good chance your tree will need to be removed.


Insect Treatments

So, if you have a situation where insects are rapidly spreading across and throughout your tree’s structure, what can you do? Generally speaking, we have a few different ways of handling the situation. The first thing that we’ll try is soil and trunk injections, which can control damaging pests. Secondly, we’ll look at spray treatments, which limit the impact of any pests present. The last of the options, and most labor intensive of them, is manual control – where we physically remove egg masses, cocoons, and insects.


Disease Treatments

There are a wide range of tree diseases to contend with, and exactly which one your tree is suffering from will depend on the response (and the outlook for your tree). Our tree care specialists will assess the disease before administering treatments, tree pruning, and tree fertilizers as and when they’re needed. We’re confident that we’ll be able to get your tree back on track if you bring us in quickly enough.

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