Tree Removal

At Huntington Tree Service Experts, we have a longstanding history that demonstrates our capabilities with regard to tree removal services – the clue is in our name! We’ve removed many different varieties of trees over the years, and they’ve varied enormously in terms of size, height, and weight – so we feel that we’re prepared to take on any tree removal service needs that you have. Our professional experience and equipment is the perfect mechanism you need to clear your property of any unwanted or dangerous trees that are present. Regardless of the specific reason that you’d like to have the trees removed, we’re happy to step in and offer the assistance you require. To find out more about our tree removal service, and just why to use our team, read on further below.


Safe Removal

There are a number of reasons that you might want to have a tree removed from your property, and because of that, there’s quite a few benefits for those who choose to do so – and this is a major motivation for our service providers. Of course, nothing matters more to us than keeping our customers safe and well. The fact is that many trees represent a risk to properties, and need to be removed. The removal process itself is dangerous, which is why we take lots of careful measures to ensure that things are done safely. We’ll make sure that everything goes according to plan, that no damage is done to your property, and that nobody gets hurt throughout the process.


Unstable Trees

We’ve already spoken a little about how some trees are dangerous to the people around them, and so it should come as no surprise that one of the reasons people want to have trees removed from their properties is because the structures are no longer stable. If you have a tree that’s leaning heavily in one direction, there’s a reasonable chance that it’s going to fall sooner or later – if that’s the case, it’s obviously prudent to remove it beforehand. Our tree surgeons can inspect your property’s tree to determine if that’s the case.


Invading Trees

Another issue facing property owners is where the trees on their property are encroaching on buildings, utility lines, and other valued structures. While you can restrict the growth of branches through cutting, you can’t really affect the root system – and this can be devastating to your property at times. If the tree shows no sign of abating, a removal might become necessary. We’ll be there to take on the task if you find yourself in such a situation.


Felling or Dismantling

When it comes to tree removals, we use both tree felling and tree dismantling to get the work completed. Tree felling involves bringing down the tree in one blow – and is only appropriate when there’s enough room around to guarantee it won’t hit anything. Tree dismantling is where we bring the tree down in sections, and this is usually chosen to avoid potential damage or accidents.

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