Trimming and Pruning

At Huntington Tree Services Experts, some of the services that we provide are intended to help with tree removal and stump removal processes, in an effort to get your outdoor spaces in a condition that you’re happy with – but we’re also available to assist you with processes that will bolster the health and happiness of the trees at your site too. Tree trimming and pruning are both excellent techniques for getting your trees into the best possible condition, but they need to be carried out at the right time and by the right people to achieve the optimal result. At our company, we have a number of tree trimmers who can assist you, and we’re sure that you’ll be delighted with the results that they conjure up for you. To find out further information with regard to this service, read on below.


The Processes

Many people fall into the trap of thinking tree trimming and tree pruning are the same process, and that’s not the case – they’re similar, but distinct tree care practices. Tree trimming sees an arborist trim and cut the branches of a tree to improve the growth and health of the tree in question. A tree pruning service involves the removal and lopping of branches that are broken, diseased, or dead, to improve the stability and aesthetic of the tree. With their own distinct advantages, we generally advise that these services are used in conjunction with one another.


Improving Growth

At our company, we absolutely love trees! Watching a tree grow and flourish on your property is truly a joyful thing, but the sad fact is that the majority of trees out there aren’t reaching their full potential – and would be if they only had access to tree care services. A thorough but meticulous tree trimming process can really boost the health and growth of a tree, with stronger branches, more lustrous leaves, and even better fruit and flower production a typical result. If you want to see the very best of your tree, this is absolutely the way to go.


Better Stability

If you walk around in public places, you’ll see plenty of trees that are leaning and appear wobbly, and while this isn’t always a problem, it certainly can be one. Unstable trees on your property could potentially fall and hit a building, or more seriously, a person, and the damage could be serious. If you want your trees to grow in a stable and balanced manner, a tree pruning service could offer the solutions that you’re seeking.


Professional Knowledge

It’s easy to think that tree trimming and tree pruning services are easy enough to handle on your own – after all, you’re only cutting branches, right? Wrong! The truth is that these tree care processes need to be carried out at specific times, and in specific places on the tree’s structure, otherwise you risk causing harm to the tree. To make sure that doesn’t happen, make certain you use a professional service.

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